Meet The Lasses!

Posted by Sophie


Baseball bats and thirty-eights!

Maude Daniels, the new in-house Bounty Hunter Babe at the Legal Lasses Law Firm. She has her own thirty-eights. Take it from someone who knows ... you'd rather be staring down her thirty-eights instead of the cold, blue steel alternative.

Maude and her sister Claudette Daniels, aka The Bounty Hunter Babes work and play with The Legal Lasses and of course, Calvin Walker. He is Sophie's boy toy. But he spends most of his time chasing the other Lasses and of course, the Babes. And yes ... Calvin has been hot and heavy for Maude from the very first moment he ever laid eyes on her thirty-eights. Not to mention his quest for Maude's hind quarter. Maude smiles and politely defends Calvin's advances by telling one and all that everyone needs to dream! He just dreams big. Maude says: "Come back from time to time" and watch her and the Lasses adventures on video.

What's On The Calendar Today?

September 10, 2009Posted by Sophie